Thyristor / Diode Module MT/D4-320-18-C1 (320A 1800V)

Average forward current, ITAV/IFAV 320A
Voltage, VRRM/VDRM 1000 – 1800V
Voltage code, VRRM / 100 10 – 18
MT/D4-320-18-C1 on request
Weight 0.86 kg
92x52x50 mm
Datasheet Datasheet

Thyristor Diode Module MT/D4-320-18-C1 AS ENERGITM in an international standard package, 320A 1800V.

Used to convert DC and AC currents up to 320 ampere, with a frequency of up to 500 Hz on circuits with voltages up to 1800 volt (18 class).

Thyristor Diode Module MT/D4-320-18-C1 are in a standard package C1: base dimensions 52x92 mm, housing height – 50 mm, weight – 0.86 kg. Two-position module is a monolithic construction of two semiconductors thyristor and diode: type thyristor-diode.

The range of module ratings: MT/D4-320-10-C1, MT/D4-320-12-C1, MT/D4-320-14-C1, MT/D4-320-16-C1, MT/D4-320-18-C1.

High thermal cyclic resistance and reliable operation of low-frequency thyristor-diode modules MT/D4-320-18-C1 when switching high currents is achieved due to their design features and stable parameters of galvanic isolation.

The MT/D4-320-18-C1 thyristor-diode module have a clamp-on design that provides easy mounting and good contact with the cooler for heat dissipation. Several modules can be mounted on one cooler without additional insulation, which significantly reduces the overall dimensions of the assembly. Between the module and the heat sink (heat sink) it is recommended to use a thermally conductive substrate lubricated with thermal paste.

Our modules are offered in several dual and single device topologies for almost all phase control or rectifier applications.

Our company provides a quality guarantee for thyristor / diode modules of 2 years from the date of purchase. When supplying thyristor / diode modules, if necessary, we provide technical passport and certificate of conformity.

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The final price for thyristor / diode modules depends on the class, quantity, delivery terms, manufacturer, country of origin and form of payment.

General specifications of thyristor-diode module MT/D4-320-18-C1:

Thyristor Diode Module specifications MT/D4-320-18-C1
Maximum allowable average forward current (Case temperature) IT(AV) (TC) 320 А (90ºC)
Repetitive pulsed reverse voltage; Repetitive pulsed closed state voltage VRRM/VDRM 1000-1800 V
Surge on-state current ITSM 8.5 kA
Peak on-state voltage VTM 1.40 V
Peak on-state current ITM 785 A
Threshold voltage VT(TO) 0.75 V
On-state slope resistance rT 0.500 mΩ
Turn-off time tq 160 µs
Junction temperature Tj max 130 ºC
Thermal resistance, junction to case Rth(j-c) 0.1100 ºC/W
Design (switches) - dual component
Type (circuit diagram) - thyristor-diode
Weight W 0.86 kg
Package - C1
Dimensions, mm L×B×H 92x52x50 mm
Datasheet PDF PDF

Part numbering guide for thyristor–diode modules MT/D4-320-18-C1:

MT/D 4 320 18 A2 T2 C1 N
MT/D Series of thyristor-diode module, brand AS ENERGITM
4 Connection diagram.
320 Rated current IT(AV), A.
18 Voltage class VRRM / 100   (Nominal voltage – 1800 V).
A2 Parameter of the critical rate of rise of off-state voltage (dVD/dt)cr:
Alpha-numeric coding P2 K2 Е2 A2 T1 P1 M1
Digital coding 4 5 6 7 8 9
(dVD/dt)cr, V/µs 200 320 500 1000 1600 2000 2500
T2 Parameter of turn-off time tq:
Alpha-numeric coding 0 B2 C2 E2 H2 K2 М2 P2 T2 X2 A3
Digital coding 0 1 2 3 4
tq, µs not standardized 800 630 500 400 320 250 200 160 125 100
C1 Housing type.
N Ambient conditions: N – Normal.

All part numbers of MT/D4-320 modules:

Series ITAV, A VRRM, V
MT/D4-320-10-C1 320 A 1000 V
MT/D4-320-12-C1 320 A 1200 V
MT/D4-320-14-C1 320 A 1400 V
MT/D4-320-16-C1 320 A 1600 V
MT/D4-320-18-C1 320 A 1800 V

Dimensions of power thyristor-diode modules MT/D4-320-18-C1:

Dimensions of thyristor-diode module MT/D4-320-18-C1

Package C1

High Power Semiconductors AS ENERGITM

Our company is engaged in the manufacturer and sale of wide range of power semiconductors (power thyristors, modules, rectifier diodes, avalanche, rotor and welding diodes, triacs etc.) currents up to 15000A and voltages to 9000V, and air and water heatsinks to them.
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