Fast Recovery Diodes Dynex Replacement

Fast Recovery Diodes, also known as Fast Diodes or Fast Switching Diodes in disc design are semiconductor devices with a short reverse recovery time.

Fast Recovery Diodes ADF, ADSF AS ENERGITM are a replacement, analog, alternative semiconductor devices for Fast Recovery Diodes DF, DSF Series Dynex Semiconductor.

"Air-cooled heatsinks O series for disc devices", "Air heatsink SF series", "Water heatsink SS series" for thyristor cooling are also available to order.

Part numbering guide for rectifier diodes

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The fast recovery diodes converting DC and AC currents up to 3200A in circuits with voltages up to 6000V. Their main applications are for DC-DC converters and inverters, induction heating, high-frequency rectifiers, switching power supplies.

Features: optimised for line frequency; high surge capability; low recovery charge; low reverse recovery time; high switching speed; high reverse voltage and high current handling capabilities.

The peculiarity of diodes is their fast recovery (short reverse recovery time trr and small recovery charge) and application at high frequencies. Diodes have a high current-carrying capacity at high frequencies.

The diode has an industry standard ceramic housing making it easy to integrate the device into existing equipment. This diode has a disc housing with pressure contacts. The polarity of the diode (anode, cathode) is determined by the icon on the case. The technical specifications, part numbering guide, datashets for diodes are listed below.

Rectifier Diodes AS ENERGITM have the following features: low static and dynamic losses, high values of VRSM/VRRM, extensive experience of using the devices in various industries, range of voltages from 100 to 9000 V and amperages from 100 to 7500 A, high resistance to thermal and electric cycling.

Our company provides a quality guarantee for rectifier diodes of 2 years from the date of purchase. When supplying diodes, if necessary, we provide technical passport and certificate of conformity.

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The final price of fast recovery diodes depends on the voltage class, quantity, delivery terms, manufacturer, country of origin and form of payment.

General specifications of Fast Recovery Diodes Dynex and Replacements

IFSM I2t VFM Qr trr Fm Case Dimensions
Data sheet
V A kA MA2·s V µC µs kN mm PDF
DF451 1600 295 3.5 0.061 2.65 25 1.22 4-6 T 42x19x15 ADF451
DF051 2500 1490 14 0.98 1.85 800 5.0 21-25 F 76x48x27 ADF051
DSF8025SE 2500 650 7.5 0.281 2.30 540 5.0 7-9 E 42x25x15 ADSF8025SE
DSF8045SK 4500 430 3.5 0.061 4.0 440 3.07 7-9 K 42x25x27 ADSF8045SK
DSF20545SF 4500 1250 16 1.28 2.1 1250 7.0 18-22 F 76x48x27 ADSF20545SF
DSF21545SV 4500 3200 20 2.0 2.0 1800 7.0 34-48 V 112x73x27 ADSF21545SV
DSF11060SG 6000 400 4.2 0.09 3.8 700 6.0 11-13 G 58x34x27 ADSF11060SG

Drawings and housings dimensions for Disc Diodes:

Package type Dimensions ØDxØdxH Weight
E 42x25x15 mm 0.082 kg
F 76x48x27 mm 0.45 kg
G 58x35x27 mm 0.25 kg
K 42X25X27 mm 0.16 kg
T 42x19x14 mm 0.055 kg
V 112x73x28 mm 1.1 kg

Part Numbering Guide for Fast Recovery Diodes:

A DSF 110 60 S G 55
DSF Product group: Diode Fast Recovery (Fast Switching Diode).
110 Factory code.
60 Maximum voltage code.
S Iteration A, B ... S etc.
G Housing (package) type.
55 Voltage class VRRM / 100.

High Power Semiconductors AS ENERGITM

Our company is engaged in the manufacturer and sale of wide range of power semiconductors (power thyristors, modules, rectifier diodes, avalanche, rotor and welding diodes, triacs etc.) currents up to 15000A and voltages to 9000V, and air and water heatsinks to them.
You can buy semiconductor devices in any volumes, and when ordering large lots, the price will be lower. We have earned the trust of customers and supply products all over the world.

For questions regarding the acquisition of Power Thyristors, Diodes, Modules send an email request to:

[email protected]

And we will provide you a commercial offer for delivery.
For a large number, we will provide an individual price!!!

We are open to manufacture products at our production facilities
according to your requests and technical task.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery shows many different semiconductor devices, semiconductor chips and SCRs produced by AS ENERGITM, examples of test reports.

Photo of Rectifier Diodes:

Installation recommendations for disc type power rectifier diodes:

Assembling a diode with a heatsink

The reliability of heat transfer and electrical contact between the mating surfaces of the diode and the cooler over the entire temperature range is ensured by appropriate torque (clamping force).

Before assembly you should perform visual inspection (1) contact surfaces for mechanical damages and wipe (2), soaked with alcohol (toluene, gasoline, acetone).

After inspection, fix the current contacts (leads), install a pin to fix the alignment of the structure.

To improve the parameters of heat transfer it is recommended to lubricate (3) a thin layer of silicone thermal conductive paste before the assembly, which is not a mandatory condition for installation.

Install the diode (3), the second part of the cooler, the fiberglass insulator and the thrust washer.

To thread the traverse (4) and evenly tighten the nuts. Make sure no misalignment and evenness of the contact surfaces.

When the parts are sufficiently clamped but moveable, we recommend placing the cooler on a flat surface and checking the tolerance for parallelism of the overall adjacent plane of the surfaces (5).

Clamp each nut in turn (about a quarter turn) to the stop (6). The amount of deflection of the traverse determines whether the achieved clamping force corresponds to the required one.

After installation, the fasteners (nuts and washers) must be additionally secured against corrosion.

Tips and recommendations for power diodes:

The power diodes should not be operated for long periods of time at their limit load for all parameters. In this case, the safety factor is determined by the required degree of reliability of the device.

Replace a failed power diode with a diode that matches the parameters of the one being replaced.

Supercooling must be provided when operating in an environment with an elevated ambient temperature.

Periodic cleaning of power diodes and coolers to remove dust and contaminants is recommended to ensure proper heat dissipation.

Inductive current dividers (often twisted toroidal wire) should be used to equalize currents between power diodes connected in parallel. The most popular connection methods are closed circuit, common coil circuit, or power diode. The efficiency of current dividers in this case is determined by the cross section of the magnetic wire.

Prevention of voltage unbalance when power diodes are connected in series is achieved by using shunt resistors connected in parallel with each diode. Voltage equalization in transient conditions is provided by connecting capacitors in parallel to each diode.

It is strictly forbidden to touch power diodes under high voltage during operation.

icon Why choose AS ENERGITM

  • Own production facilities, including semiconductor silicon chips production
  • European brand - 100% quality, favorable price, short production terms
  • Over 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry
  • Clients from more than 50 countries trust us
  • 20000 items in the product line for currents from 10A to 15000A, voltages from 100V to 9000V
  • We produce analogues of other manufacturers' products
  • Guaranteed certified quality, warranty period of operation - 2 years


Quality Warranty

Our products are certified and correspond to international standards.
Our company provides a quality guarantee for products of 2 years.
We provide certificates of conformity, reliability reports, data sheets and technical passports at the request of the customer.


Each product is tested for the main parameters, and Test reports of the parameters for each product are provided.

Test Report

Geography of partnership

AS ENERGITM company manufactures and supplies power semiconductors to more than 50 countries around the world.


Logistics and Delivery

We deliver our products all over the world with the services of logistics companies: DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, Fedex, Aramex.
Products can be delivered by any means of transport: air, sea, rail and road.


AS ENERGITM Semiconductors Manufacturing

Our products range includes rectifier diodes, phase control thyristors in disc and stud design, avalanche diodes and thyristors, fast switching, high frequency thyristors, fast recovery, welding and rotor diodes, triacs, bridge rectifiers, power modules (thyristor, diode, thyristor-diode, IGBT), and air and water heatsinks to them.

Power diodes and thyristors are produced for currents from 10A to 15000A, voltage range from 100V to 9000V.
Power diode and thyristor modules are produced from 25A and up to 1250A, voltage range 400V - 4400V.
The range of power semiconductors also includes equivalent, replacement, analogue and alternative semiconductor devices of global manufacturers.

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