Dual Diode Modules SKKD, SEMIPACK

Modules SKKD Semikron are non-controllable rectifiers for AC/DC converters in monolithic design with dual topology of semiconductors (two switches): diode-diode type. Used in DC and AC circuits with loads to 701A and reverse pulse voltages up to 2200V.

Diode Modules AMKD AS ENERGITM is a replacement, equivalent and alternative semiconductor device for modules SKKD Semikron.

The diode modules are housed in a SEMIPACK – industry-standard housing making it easy to integrate the device into existing equipment.

SEMIPACK family has three different internal constructions:
soldered construction (SEMIPACK 1) – the contact is established by solder layers; bonded construction (SEMIPACK 0, 2, 3) – the connection between top electrode of the chips and DBCs is realized by bond wires; pressure contact construction (SEMIPACK 3, 4, 5, 6) – the contact is established by pressure, solder free assembly.

Circuit Diagram of Modules SKKD

The main (power) terminals are on the top of the case and are marked as 123 (common anode-cathode, cathode, anode).

SKKD rectifier diode modules are used in various power equipment - power and control units, power regulators, converters, controllers, welding equipment, and as rectifiers for AC converters.

Our company provides a quality guarantee for thyristor / diode modules of 2 years from the date of purchase. When supplying thyristor / diode modules, if necessary, we provide technical passport and certificate of conformity.

The final price of thyristor / diode modules depends on the class, quantity, delivery terms, manufacturer, country of origin and form of payment.

For questions regarding the acquisition of Power Rectifier Modules, Diodes, Thyristors, send an email request to:

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And we will provide you a commercial offer for delivery.
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We are open to manufacture products at our production facilities
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Housings of Rectifier Diode Modules SKKD




pressure contact


General specifications of Rectifier Diode Modules SKKD

Series Type IFAV
VRRM IFSM I2t V(TO) rT Tvj max Rth(j-c)
(per chip)
W Package,
A V A kA2·s V mΩ ºC ºC/W g mm PDF
SKKD 26 SKKD 26/12 31 (85ºC)
26 (93ºC)
1200-1600 480 1.15 0.85 6.0 125 1.00 95 SEMIPACK 1
SKKD 26/14
SKKD 26/16
SKKD 46 SKKD 46/08 47 (85ºC)
45 (86ºC)
800-1800 600 1.80 0.85 5.0 125 0.06 95 SEMIPACK 1
SKKD 46/12
SKKD 46/14
SKKD 46/16
SKKD 46/18
SKKD 81 SKKD 81/08 82 (85ºC)
80 (87ºC)
800-1800 1750 15 0.85 1.8 125 0.40 95 SEMIPACK 1
SKKD 81/12
SKKD 81/14
SKKD 81/16
SKKD 81/18
SKKD 81 H4 SKKD 81/20 H4 82 (85ºC)
80 (87ºC)
2000-2200 1750 15 0.85 1.8 125 0.40 95 SEMIPACK 1
SKKD 81/22 H4
SKKD 100 SKKD 100/04 100 (85ºC)
67 (100ºC)
400-1800 2000 20 0.85 1.3 125 0.35 95 SEMIPACK 1
SKKD 100/06
SKKD 100/08
SKKD 100/12
SKKD 100/14
SKKD 100/16
SKKD 100/18
SKKD 101 SKKD 101/16 134 (85ºC)
101 (100ºC)
1600 2000 20 0.87 2.45 130 0.19 75 SEMIPACK 1
SKKD 152 H1 SKKD 152/16 H1 171 (85ºC)
132 (100ºC)
1600 4500 101 0.82 1.35 135 0.20 165 SEMIPACK 2
SKKD 162 SKKD 162/08 195 (85ºC)
160 (95ºC)
800-2200 5000 125 0.85 1.20 125 0.18 165 SEMIPACK 2
SKKD 162/12
SKKD 162/14
SKKD 162/16
SKKD 162/18
SKKD 162/20 H4
SKKD 162/22 H4
SKKD 212 SKKD 212/12 212 (85ºC)
165 (100ºC)
1200-1800 5500 151 0.75 1.05 135 0.18 165 SEMIPACK 2
SKKD 212/14
SKKD 212/16
SKKD 212/18
SKKD 250 SKKD 250/16 255 (85ºC)
199 (100ºC)
1600-1800 6000 180 0.77 1.00 135 0.13 165 SEMIPACK 2
SKKD 250/18 Datasheet
SKKD 260 SKKD 260/08 260 (85ºC)
185 (100ºC)
800-2200 10000 500 0.90 0.37 130 0.14 600 SEMIPACK 3
SKKD 260/12
SKKD 260/14
SKKD 260/16
SKKD 260/18
SKKD 260/20 H4
SKKD 260/22 H4
SKKD 353 SKKD 353/12 350 (85ºC)
260 (100ºC)
1200-1800 9500 451 0.84 0.75 130 0.09 600 SEMIPACK 3
SKKD 353/14
SKKD 353/16
SKKD 353/18
SKKD 380 SKKD 380/08 380 (100ºC) 800-2200 10000 500 0.80 0.35 150 0.11 600 SEMIPACK 3
SKKD 380/12
SKKD 380/14
SKKD 380/16
SKKD 380/18
SKKD 380/20 H4
SKKD 380/22 H4
SKKD 700 SKKD 700/08 700 (100ºC) 800-2200 22000 2420 0.75 0.20 150 0.065 1420 SEMIPACK 5
SKKD 700/12
SKKD 700/14
SKKD 700/16
SKKD 700/18
SKKD 700/20 H4
SKKD 700/22 H4
SKKD 701 SKKD 701/12 701 (100ºC)
820 (85ºC)
1200-2200 22500 2530 0.70 0.28 160 0.072 1400 SEMIPACK 5
SKKD 701/16
SKKD 701/18
SKKD 701/22 H4

Part numbering guide for dual diode modules SKKD:

SK KD 380 22 H4
SK SEMIKRON component.
KD Topology of internal connection: Diode–Diode.
380 Rated current (ITAV), A.
22 Voltage class (VRRM/100).
H4 Option, where applicable, e.g H4 stands for Visol = 4800 V.
H1 stands for Visol = 3600 V.

Recommendations for mounting power modules

Heatsink and Surface Specifications, Preparation

In order to ensure good thermal contact and to obtain the thermal contact resistance values specified in the datasheets, the contact surface of the heat sink must be clean and free from dust particles. It is useful to clean the mounting surface of the heat sink with wipes and an alcohol cleaner, e.g. isopropanol, right before the mounting process. The following mechanical specifications have to be met:
– Unevenness of heat sink mounting area must be ≤ 50μm per 100 mm
– Roughness Rz: < 10 μm
– No steps > 10 μm

Heat sink surface specification

Applying Thermal Paste

Recommended to use stencil printing in order to apply thermal interface material. Recommended to use thermal paste thickness in the range from 50 μm to 100 μm. Applying thermal paste by means of roller is not recommended for mass production as reproducible of an optimized thermal paste thickness cannot be guaranteed.

Mounting torque on heat sink MS

To secure power modules, the use of steel screws in combination with suitable washers and spring lock washers or combination screws is strongly recommended. The specified in datasheet torque value must be observed.

A pre-tightening torque and retightening to the given torque value is recommended. For the screwing process the speed has to be limited and soft torque limitation is recommended to avoid torque peaks, which may occur with pneumatic screwdrivers.

Example of mounting order

The screws must be tightened in diagonal order with equal torque in several steps until the specified torque value MS has been reached.

icon Why choose AS ENERGITM

  • Own production facilities, including semiconductor silicon chips production
  • European brand - 100% quality, favorable price, short production terms
  • Over 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry
  • Clients from more than 50 countries trust us
  • 10000 items in the product line for currents from 10A to 15000A, voltages from 100V to 9000V
  • We produce analogues of other manufacturers' products
  • Guaranteed certified quality, warranty period of operation - 2 years


Quality Warranty

Our products are certified and correspond to international standards.
Our company provides a quality guarantee for products of 2 years.
We provide certificates of conformity, reliability reports, data sheets and technical passports at the request of the customer.


Each product is tested for the main parameters, and Test reports of the parameters for each product are provided.

Test Report

Geography of partnership

AS ENERGITM company supplies power semiconductors and other equipment to more than 50 countries around the world.


Logistics and Delivery

We deliver our products all over the world with the services of logistics companies: DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, Fedex, Aramex.
Products can be delivered by any means of transport: air, sea, rail and road.


AS ENERGITM Semiconductors Manufacturing

Our products range includes rectifier diodes, phase control thyristors in disc and stud design, avalanche diodes and thyristors, fast switching, high frequency thyristors, fast recovery, welding and rotor diodes, triacs, bridge rectifiers, power modules (thyristor, diode, thyristor-diode, IGBT), and air and water heatsinks to them.

Power diodes and thyristors are produced for currents from 10A to 15000A, voltage range from 100V to 9000V.
Power diode and thyristor modules are produced from 25A and up to 1250A, voltage range 400V - 4400V.
The range of power semiconductors also includes equivalent, replacement, analogue and alternative semiconductor devices of global manufacturers.

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Thank you for your interest, Kind Regards
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Roman 27.06.2022 at 00:03
Is It need to apply vaselin or thermal past at Thyristor surfaces then attach to radiator/current leading parts?
Maksim 27.06.2022 at 10:39
When assembling thyristors, diodes with heat sinks, it is recommended to lubricate the contact surfaces with a thin layer of heat conducting paste to improve the heat transfer parameters. But this is not a prerequisite for assembly.
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