Single Phase Diode Bridge Rectifiers KBPC, KBPC-W

Single Phase Diode Bridge Rectifiers KBPC, KBPC-W AS ENERGITM in monolithic design, used in DC and AC circuits with loads to 50A and reverse pulse voltages up to 1600V.

The diode bridges are housed in a standard industrial case making it easy to easy integrate of the device into existing equipment.

An alternating current is fed to the input "~" of the circuit. In each of the half - periods the input current passes only through two diodes.As a result, at the output "+" and "-" we get a current pulsing at twice the frequency of the input current.

The material of the converter housing is non-flammable heat-resistant plastic or electrically insulated metal. The inside of the housing is completely encapsulated with epoxy resin. The polarity of the bridge is indicated on the enclosure.

A filter is used to smooth out the resulting pulsating DC current, often a high-capacity capacitor. KBPC and KBPC-W diode bridges have a high pulse overload capacity and a fairly low forward voltage drop. A special mounting hole is provided in the housing of the diode bridges for screwing additional cooling (radiators, coolers).

Single Phase Diode Bridges KBPC, KBPC-W are used in various power equipment - rectifier for power supplies; input rectifier for variable frequency drives; rectifier for DC motor field supplies; battery charger rectifiers; single phase rectifiers for power supplies; non-controlled DC motor field supply; DC power supply, for transistorized AC motor controllers.

Our company provides a quality guarantee for diode bridges of 2 years from the date of purchase. When supplying diode bridges, if necessary, we provide technical passport and certificate of conformity.

The final price of diode bridges depends on the class, quantity, delivery terms, manufacturer, country of origin and form of payment.

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General specifications of Single Phase Diode Bridges KBPC, KBPC-W

Type IO
IFSM VFM IFM i2t VISOL Tvj max Rth(j-c) W Package, Dimensions L×B×H Data sheet
A V A V A A2·s V ºC ºC/W g mm PDF
KBPC1005 3 50 50 1.1 1.5 12.5 - 150 - 5 15x15x27
KBPC101 100
KBPC102 200
KBPC104 400
KBPC106 600
KBPC108 800
KBPC110 1000
KBPC6005 6 50 137 1.2 3.0 78 - 150 - 6 15x15x30
KBPC601 100
KBPC602 200
KBPC604 400
KBPC606 600
KBPC608 800
KBPC610 1000
KBPC8005 6 50 125 1.0 3.0 110 - 150 6 6 15x15x30
KBPC801 100
KBPC802 200
KBPC804 400
KBPC806 600
KBPC808 800
KBPC810 1000
KBPC812 1200
KBPC10005 10 50 180 1.1 5.0 135 - 150 - 4.75 19x19x22
KBPC1001 100
KBPC1002 200
KBPC1004 400
KBPC1006 600
KBPC1008 800
KBPC1010 1000
KBPC15005 15 50 300 1.2 7.5 373 2500 150 2.6 30 (KBPC)
28 (KBPC-W)
28x28x25 (KBPC)
28x28x30 (KBPC-W)
KBPC1501 100
KBPC1502 200
KBPC1504 400
KBPC1506 600
KBPC1508 800
KBPC1510 1000
KBPC1512 1200
KBPC1514 1400
KBPC1516 1600
KBPC25005 25 50 300 1.2 12.5 373 2500 150 2.6 30 (KBPC)
28 (KBPC-W)
28x28x25 (KBPC)
28x28x30 (KBPC-W)
KBPC2501 100
KBPC2502 200
KBPC2504 400
KBPC2506 600
KBPC2508 800
KBPC2510 1000
KBPC2512 1200
KBPC2514 1400
KBPC2516 1600
KBPC35005 35 50 400 1.2 17.5 664 2500 150 2.1 30 (KBPC)
28 (KBPC-W)
28x28x25 (KBPC)
28x28x30 (KBPC-W)
KBPC3501 100
KBPC3502 200
KBPC3504 400
KBPC3506 600
KBPC3508 800
KBPC3510 1000
KBPC3512 1200
KBPC3514 1400
KBPC3516 1600
KBPC50005 50 50 450 1.2 25 800 2500 150 1.6 30 (KBPC)
28 (KBPC-W)
28x28x25 (KBPC)
28x28x30 (KBPC-W)
KBPC5001 100
KBPC5002 200
KBPC5004 400
KBPC5006 600
KBPC5008 800
KBPC5010 1000
KBPC5012 1200
KBPC5014 1400
KBPC5016 1600

Part Numbering Guide for Single Phase Diode Bridge Rectifier QL:

KBPC 25 10 W
KBPC Product group: Single Phase Diode Bridge Rectifier brand AS ENERGITM.
25 Direct output current.
10 Voltage class VRRM x 100.
W wire leads
None = flat terminals

Design features of KBPC diode bridges:

The single-phase half-period converter is designed with a 4-diode Graetz circuit ("Graetz bridge") with negligible equivalent active internal resistance. The input (designated "Input" or tilde "~") of the diode bridge operating circuit is supplied with alternating current. In each of the half-periods the input current passes through only two diodes of the bridge. As a result, at the output (designated as "DC Output" or with "+" and "-" signs) we get a current pulsing with a frequency twice as high as the input frequency. To smooth the resulting pulsating DC current use a filter, most often a high-capacity capacitor, which is connected to the output. The operating frequency is 50/60 Hz.


In principle, there is no difference in the operation of the circuit in the placement of a separate composition of 4 diodes or a single component - a KBPC diode bridge. However, in the second case additional advantages are created:

– the diode bridge gives the same guaranteed characteristics of each diode, while individual parts from different batches of manufacture may have different parameters even if the same manufacturer is chosen;

– diodes placed in a single enclosure are exposed to the same heat, which means they operate in a favorable thermal regime, which prolongs their operation period;

– installing diodes in the circuit requires additional heat sink, this is solved by installing heat sinks or coolers, using a diode bridge instead of individual diodes need only one heat sink instead of 4 separate;

– the diode bridge is structurally more compact and takes up less space on the printed circuit board.

Материал the diode bridge enclosure can be of 2 types: non-flammable heat-resistant plastic polymer or electrically insulated metal. In each, the internal components are fully encapsulated with epoxy resin, which has a high level of flame resistance. The KBPC bridge enclosure has a central mounting hole for screw mounting the heatsink.

The terminals of KBPC diode rectifiers can be flat terminals with solder holes or wire terminals (marked with "W" in the marking). The polarity of the terminals is marked on the housing. The leads are mounted directly into the through-holes of the printed circuit board. Wires mounting — by soldering or "mom" type terminals.

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Quality Warranty

Our products are certified and correspond to international standards.
Our company provides a quality guarantee for products of 2 years.
We provide certificates of conformity, reliability reports, data sheets and technical passports at the request of the customer.


Each product is tested for the main parameters, and Test reports of the parameters for each product are provided.

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AS ENERGITM company manufactures and supplies power semiconductors to more than 50 countries around the world.


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Power diodes and thyristors are produced for currents from 10A to 15000A, voltage range from 100V to 9000V.
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