Power Thyristor Diode Module AMKH 162-22E H4 (162A 2200V)

Average forward current, ITAV/IFAV (Tcase) 143A (85ºC)
Voltage, VRRM/VDRM 2200V
Circuit Circuit
AMKH 162-22E H4 on request
Weight 175 g
Package, Dimensions L×B×H Package 2
Datasheet Datasheet

Thyristor Diode SCR Module AMKH 162-22E H4 AS ENERGITM in an international standard package, 162A 2200V.

The thyristor diode modules are characterized by high electrical and thermal cycling capability, meaning high reliability and long lifetime in intensive operation modes. The thyristor diode modules are housed in a industry-standard housing making it easy to integrate the device into existing equipment.

The main (power) terminals are on the top of the case and are marked as 123 (common anode-cathode, cathode, anode). The control terminals are marked as K1, G1.

Thyristor Diode modules AMKH series are used in various power equipment - power and control units, power regulators, AC regulators, DC motors control, AC motor soft starters, converters, controllers of blast furnaces or chemical processes, welding equipment, and as rectifiers for AC converters.

Our modules are offered in several dual and single device topologies for almost all phase control or rectifier applications.

Our company provides a quality guarantee for thyristor diode modules of 2 years from the date of purchase. When supplying thyristor diode modules, if necessary, we provide technical passport and certificate of conformity.

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The final price for thyristor diode modules depends on the class, quantity, delivery terms, manufacturer, country of origin and form of payment.

General specifications of Thyristor Diode Module AMKH 162-22E H4:

Thyristor Diode module specifications AMKH 162-22E H4
Maximum allowable average forward current (Case temperature) ITAV/IFAV (Tcase) 143 A (85ºC)
Repetitive pulsed reverse voltage; Repetitive pulsed closed state voltage VRRM/VDRM 2200 V
Surge on-state current ITSM/IFSM 4800 A
Safety factor I2t 115 kA2·s
Threshold voltage VT(TO) 0.95 V
On-state slope resistance rT 2.0 mΩ
Turn-off time max tq 150 µs
Junction temperature Tvj max 125 ºC
Thermal resistance, junction to case Rth(j-c) 0.17 ºC/W
Design (switches) - dual component
Type (circuit diagram) - thyristor-diode
Weight W 175 g
Package, Dimensions, mm L×B×H Package 2
Datasheet PDF Datasheet

Part numbering guide for thyristor diode modules AMKH:

A M KH 162 22 E H4
M Semiconductor Type: Module.
KH Topology of internal connection: Thyristor Diode.
162 Rated current (ITAV), A.
22 Voltage class (VRRM/100).
E dv/dt class:
D: 500 V/µs
E: 1000 V/µs
G: 2000 V/µs
H4 Option, where applicable, e.g H4 stands for Visol = 4800 V.

Possible alternatives, replacements, analogue, equivalent products:

List of series of power thyristor diode modules with similar parameters and housing sizes.

Series ITAV/IFAV (Tcase) VRRM/VDRM Topology Dimensions, mm Package Datasheet
AMKH 162-22E H4 143 A (85ºC) 2200 V thyristor-diode 94x34x30 2 Datasheet
SKKH 162/22E H4 143 A (85ºC) 2200 V thyristor-diode 94x34x30 2 Datasheet

Dimensions of Thyristor Diode Module AMKH 162-22E H4:


Package 2

Circuit diagram of thyristor diode modules AMKH:


1 (АК), 2 (К), 3 (А) – main (power) terminals.

4 (K1), 5 (G1) – control terminals.

Thyristor Diode Module AMKH 162-22E H4 datasheet:

PDFDownload datasheet for Thyristor Diode Module AMKH 162-22E H4

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