Adjustable Power Resistor 330 Ohm 50W

Resistance 330 Ohm
Power rating 50 Watt
Resistance tolerance ±5%,  ±10%
Price Resistor APT 50W 330 Ohm $6.43
Dimensions D×L×H×d 30×90×43×20 mm
Weight 95 g

Power adjustable (variable, regulated) resistor 330 Ohm 50 Watt – wirewound load chassis mount resistors of type APT series (Adjustable Painted Tubular Resistors). Resistor 330R 50W – rated resistance is 330 Ohm, power dissipation is 50W.

Resistors with a specific rated power can also be manufactured to individual order. Other similar series of resistors are RX20, RXG, ASE, AST, AVE, AVT, D50K, L50J.

PDFDatasheet PDF for Adjustable Power Resistors.

PDFThe resistance values of resistors follow the E24 series.

Resistors are designed for using in AC and DC circuits, providing current limitation and voltage distribution. The maximum operating voltage at AC is 1000V, at DC – 1400V. Operating elevated ambient temperature does not exceed +155°C (at the same time the power is reduced to 60% of the nominal power), the limit temperature up to +250°C. The insulation resistance of wire resistors is at least 1000 MOhm. Working time – at least 15000 hours.

Structurally, the resistor consists of a tubular ceramic core on which a constantan (low resistance resistor) or nichrome (high resistance resistor) wire is wound. Resistors are coated with heat-resistant and moisture-resistant insulating paint.

Resistor resistance is adjusted by changing the position of the moving clamping collar (movable contact) along the case (tube). The contact between the clamping collar and the wire coils of the resistor is provided by the unpainted side of the housing.

Contacts, resistor leads are rigid, tape type with screw holes or for soldering conductors. Kind of mounting is hinged. Mounting of resistors on the panel is provided by a set of fasteners. Resistance tolerance is ±5%, ±10%.

Using the calculator, it is convenient to calculate the total resistance when the resistors are connected in parallel or in series, and the resistor resistance in the circuit.

Comparative characteristics of wire tube resistors, cement resistors and resistors in aluminium housing are presented in the comparative table.

Detailed resistor specifications, overall and mounting dimensions, mounting kit, installation and operation recommendations are given on the page below.

Our company is engaged in the production and sale of wirewound tubular resistors. All our products pass strict quality control and meet the necessary standards. Since we are the manufacturer, and in the price of the final product does not include dealer markups, we have low price saddle packing.

The warranty period of the resistors 50W supplied by our company is 2 years. Documents confirming the quality of products are provided.

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The final price for 330 Ohm 50W Adjustable Variable Power Resistors depends on the quantity, delivery terms and form of payment.

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Electrical and technical specifications of Adjustable Power Resistors 50 Watt:

Power rating 50 Watt
Series of nominal resistance values E24, PDFDatasheet of resistance values
Resistance tolerance ± 5%, ± 10%
Rated voltage Vmax = (Pnom × Rnom)0.5
Maximum working voltage 1400V
Operating temperature -60°C ... +155°C
Raised ambient operating temperature 70ºC
Relative humidity at 35°C without condensation <98%
Temperature coefficient of resistance ±500 ppm/°C
Insultation resistance 1000 MOhm
Life time 15000 hours
Dimensions D×L×H×d 30×90×43×20 mm
Weight 95 g

Part Numbering Guide for Adjustable Resistor 50W 330 Ohm:

Resistor   APT   50W   330 Ohm   ±10%
Resistor Product Name.
APT Adjustable Painted Tubular Resistor Series.
50W Rated Power, Watts.
330 Ohm Nominal Resistance, Ohm.
±10% Tolerance.

Mounting Hardware for Power Wirewound Tubular Resistors 50 Watt

Mounting hardware are used for mounting the resistors. Resistors can be supplied with a set of mounting hardware, including mounting brackets (corners), which must be ordered individually.

Photo Series of mounting hardware and brackets Price Dimensions, mm Weight
Threaded rod Ceramic bushing Mounting brackets Size between resistor axis and panel Size between resistor and panel
L Ød1 ØD Ød AxAxB k h
Hardware 50W HDW 50W $1.14
150 М5 30 18 30x30x15 24 9.5±1 47 g
Mounting Brackets 50W BR 50W (2 pcs.) $0.50
21 g

Completeness of Mounting Hardware for Power Wirewound Tubular Resistors

Image Completeness of Mounting Hardware
Item Power: 25W, 50W, 75W, 100W, 160W
Threaded rod M5 1 pcs.
Ceramic bushing 2 pcs.
Screw-nut M5 2 pcs.
Flat washer 2 pcs.
Spring washer 2 pcs.
Asbestos washer 2 pcs.
Brackets (Corners) 2 pcs.

Installation methods of tube resistors

At influence of mechanical factors for resistors the hinged way of installation is applied. The resistors are fixed to the mounting plates by mounting hardware:

  • resistor power from 3 to 25 Watt – cantilever or on two brackets at the ends of the mounting studs
  • resistor power from 50 to 160 Watt – only on two brackets at the ends of the mounting studs
Resistor mounting

Overall and Mounting Dimensions of Adjustable Power Wirewound Tubular Resistors 50 Watt:

Drawing of wirewound tubular resistor
L, mm L1, mm ØD, mm H, mm Ød, mm Ød1, mm B, mm A, mm
90 65 30 43 20 3 6 4.5

Power Wirewound Tubular Ceramic Resistors by AS ENERGI

Our company is engaged in the manufacturer and sale of power wirewound tubular resistors fixed and adjustable types.
You can buy resistors from us in any volumes, and when ordering large lots, the price will be lower.
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Datasheet (pdf specification) for Adjustable Variable Power Resistors:

PDFDatasheet PDF for Adjustable Variable Power Resistors

Guide for using and operation of resistors:

  • Solder the wires to the resistor leads in specially designed holes.
  • When installing resistors in equipment recommended to use Sn40Pb60 solder. Soldering iron core temperature is 300°C. Soldering iron power is 65W. The flux should consist of 25% by weight of rosin and 75% by weight of isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. Soldering time 5 s.
  • The voltage that can be supplied to the resistor must not exceed the value calculated on the basis of the nominal (or allowable) power Pnom and nominal resistance Rnom according to the formula:
    Vmax = (Pnom × Rnom)0.5
  • Resonant frequency value - 1500 Hz.
  • 95-percent work resource - 30 000 hours.
  • It is allowed to operate resistors under the influence of gas media of this composition (without the formation of an explosive mixture):
    • nitrogen – up to 96%;
    • oxygen – up to 50%;
    • carbon dioxide – up to 3%;
    • hydrogen – up to 20%;
    • helium – up to 1%;
    • argon – up to 1,5%.
  • Operation of resistors during and after exposure to atmospheric pressure reduced to 10~5 mm Hg is allowed.
  • In electrical circuits with voltages above 500V resistors must be used with additional insulation at the mounting points.
  • When using resistors in equipment with vibration loads from 1 to 2500 Hz with an acceleration of 176.6 m/s2 (18g), the resistor leads must be soldered with a 0.5 mm2 wire cross-section with insulation by a polychlorovinyl tube Ø4 mm and length of 15-20 mm – for resistors 5-25 W, and Ø5 mm and length of 15-20 mm – for resistors 50-100 W.
  • Tensile force value should be 20N (2 kgf).
  • The upper frequency of the range in which there should be no resonant frequencies – 1000 Hz.
  • Maximum surface temperature of the resistor is not more than 250°C.

Graph of the resistor power reduction:

The load power should be reduced based on the derating curve once the ambient temperature exceeds the rated values.

Resistor Resistance Calculation

Resistor Connection Diagram

Comparative performance of high power resistors:

Resistor Series Type Structure Power, W Resistance Range, Ohm Maximum Voltage, V Resistance Tolerance
img FPT, RX20 Fixed Wire Tubular Ceramic 3 - 160W 1 R - 100 K ~1000V
± 5%
± 10%
img APT, RX20 Adjustable, Variable Wire Tubular Ceramic 3 - 160W 1 R - 100 K ~1000V
± 5%
± 10%
img SQP, RX27, CR-L Fixed Wire Ceramic Cement 5 - 25W 0,01 R - 100 K ~1500V
± 5%
img AH, HS, RX24 Fixed Wire Ceramic, Aluminum Case with Radiator 5 - 1000W 0,01 R - 100 K ~2500V
± 5%


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