Phase Control Thyristor KP3000A-(36...42)

Average forward current, IT(AV) (TC, ºC) 3000А (70ºC)
Voltage, VDRM/VRRM 3600-4200 V
Voltage code, VRRM / 100 36 – 42
KP3000A-(36...42) on request
Dimensions ØDxØdxH 120x84x26.5 mm
Weight 1.4 kg
Datasheet PDF

Phase control thyristors KP3000A-(36...42) are general purpose power disc thyristors, also known as Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). They are designed to convert and control DC and AC currents up to 3000A with frequency up to 500Hz in circuits with voltages up to 3600V – 4200V (voltage class from 36 to 42). Thyristor dimensions ØDxØdxH – 120x84x26.5 mm (outer case diameter X contact surface diameter X case height), weight – 1.4 kg.

Thyristor ratings: KP3000A 3600V, KP3000A 3800V, KP3000A 4000V, KP3000A 4200V.

The anode and cathode of the thyristor (polarity) are determined by the symbol on the case.

For cooling during the operation of power thyristors they are mounted with coolers (heat sinks). Depending on the amount of heat generated and the working conditions of the semiconductors, either natural air flow cooling or forced cooling can be used.

When assembling, the necessary clamping force Fm specific for each type of thyristor package (indicated in the parameter table) must be provided.

Thyristors can be manufactured for use in temperate, cold and tropical climates. Thyristors of the disc type KP are used in various power converters (e.g. melting furnaces) where fast switching and control of currents is necessary.

Specifications and parameters, datasheets PDF, dimensions, drawings, case diagrams thyristors, recommended coolers are listed below.

Our company provides a quality guarantee for thyristors of 2 years from the date of purchase. When supplying thyristors, if necessary, we provide quality declaration and certificate of conformity.

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The final price for phase control disc thyristors depends on the class, quantity, delivery terms, manufacturer, country of origin and form of payment.

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General specifications of phase control thyristors KP3000A-(36...42):

Thyristors specifications KP3000A-(36...42)
Maximum allowable average forward current (Case temperature) IT(AV)/(TC) 3000 A (70ºC)
Repetitive pulsed closed state voltage; repetitive pulsed reverse voltage VDRM/VRRM 3600-4200 V
Surge on-state current ITSM 46 kA
Safety factor I2t 10580 kA2·s
Critical rate of rise of off-state voltage dv/dt 2000 V/µs
Critical rate of rise of on-state current di/dt 200 A/µs
Turn-off time tq 600 µs
Temperature of p-n junction Tvj max 125 ºC
Thermal resistance, junction to case Rth(j-c) 0.007 ºC/W
Clamping force Fm ±10% 70 kN
Weight W 1.4 kg
Dimensions ØDxØdxH 120x84x26.5
Datasheet PDF PDF

Part numbering guide for phase control thyristors KP3000A 4200V:

KP 3000A 4200V
KP Series: Phase control thyristor.
3000A Average forward current in open state IT(AV), A.
4200V Nominal voltage, V.

Polarity (anode, cathode, gate) and dimensions of disc thyristor KP3000A-(36...42):

Thyristor polarity Thyristor dimensions

Thyristors KP3000A-(36...42) datasheet:

PDFDownload datasheet for thyristors KP3000A-(36...42)

High Power Semiconductors by AS ENERGI

Our company is engaged in the manufacturer and sale of power semiconductors (power thyristors, diodes, modules).
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Heat sinks for power disc thyristors:

Heat sinks (radiators) are used for single- and double-sided cooling of power semiconductor devices in disc design.

Heat sinks of coolers are made of aluminum radiator profiles and do not require additional protective coating when used in various climatic conditions.

See for more information about coolers "Air-heatsink" and "Water-heatsink".

Photo of Phase Control Thyristor SCR:

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