Thyristors T153 – 630A, 800A, 1000A, 1600A, 2000A, 2500A

Thyristors T153 are press pack type general-purpose thyristors, regulating and converting DC and AC currents to 2500A at frequencies to 500 Hz in circuits with voltages 200V to 2800V.

The T153 series thyristors have the following types (current): 630 A, 800 A, 1000 A, 1600 A, 2000 A, 2500 Ampere.

Thyristor voltage depending on series and is: 200V, 400V, 600V, 800V, 1000V, 1200V, 1400V, 1600V, 1800V, 2000V, 2200V, 2400, 2600V, 2800V.

The polarity of the thyristor is determined by the icon on the case.

Tyristor case type: T153-630, T153-800, T153-1000 - PT53: contact surface diameter - Ø51 mm, overall dimensions - Ø75x26 mm, weight - 0,550 kg.

Tyristor case type: T153-1600, T153-2000, T153-2500 - PT51: contact surface diameter - Ø51 mm, overall dimensions - Ø75x14 mm, weight - 0.330 kg.

The thyristors are assembled with the coolers by means of a threaded connection. To keep electrical losses to a minimum and heat dissipation to a maximum, the necessary torque must be provided during assembly, the so-called pressing force Fm – 24±2kN. Correspondence of the achieved clamping force to the required one is determined by the deflection of the traverse. For better heat dissipation of thyristor during assembly, heat conducting paste is used, which is not a prerequisite for installation.

Thyristors are available in temperate, cold (UHL) and tropical (T) climates. The technical specifications, part numbering guide, polarity, dimensions and recommended coolers for thyristors are listed below.

Our company provides a quality guarantee for thyristors of 2 years from the date of purchase. Also provided documents confirming quality, certificates.

youtubeVideo: Thyristors T153-630, T153-800, T153-1000

youtubeVideo: Thyristors T153-1600, T153-2000, T153-2500

When supplying thyristors, if necessary, we provide quality passport and certificate of conformity.

The final price of T153 series thyristors depends on the class, quantity, delivery terms, manufacturer, country of origin and form of payment.

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General specifications of Thyristors T153

Thyristors series T153
Thyristor T153 Disc type thyristor, dimensions
Disc type thyristor, dimensions
Series Price Voltage
Average forward current
IT(AV) (TС, ºC)
Voltage class
VRRM / 100
Weight Package type Heatsink PDF
T153-630 on request
2000 - 2800V 890A (85ºC)
1110A (70ºC)
20 - 28 550 g PT53 O153, O253, OM106 PDF
T153-800 on request
1000 - 2000V 800A (85ºC) 10 - 20 550 g PT53 O153, O253, OM106 PDF
T153-1000 on request
1000 - 2000V 1034A (85ºC)
1290A (70ºC)
10 - 20 550 g PT53 O153, O253, OM106 PDF
T153-1600 on request
800 - 1200V 1687A (85ºC)
2060A (70ºC)
8 - 12 330 g PT51 O153, O253, OM106 PDF
T153-2000 on request
400 - 800V 2340A (85ºC)
2696A (70ºC)
4 - 8 330 g PT51 O153, O253, OM106 PDF
T153-2500 on request
200 - 400V 2616A (85ºC)
3020A (70ºC)
2 - 4 330 g PT51 O153, O253, OM106 PDF

Detailed specifications of Power Thyristors T153

Series VDRM
(dVD/dt)cr IGT VGT (diT/dt)cr tq i2·t Rth(j-c)
V A(ºC) A kA ºC V/A V mOhm mA V/µs mA V A/µs µs kA2·c ºC/W
T153-630 2000-2800 890(85)
1740 15 125 1.80/1980 1.05 0.370 50 1600 250 2.5 200 250 1100 0.022
T153-800 1000-2000 800(85) 1260 22 125 1.50/2512 0.92 0.250 70 1600 250 3.0 200 250 - 0.024
T153-1000 1000-2000 1034(85)
2025 20 125 1.70/3140 0.95 0.260 70 1600 250 2.5 200 250 2400 0.024
T153-1600 800-1200 1687А(85)
3234 30 130 1.50/5026 0.90 0.140 100 1600 250 2.5 200 160 4500 0.018
T153-2000 400-800 2340(85)
4233 36 150 1.45/6283 0.85 0.120 100 1600 250 2.5 200 160 6500 0.018
T153-2500 200-400 2616(85)
4741 40 150 1.40/7850 0.80 0.090 100 1600 250 2.5 200 125 8000 0.018

Limit direct volt-ampere characteristics at junction temperature Тj = 25°С (1) and Тj = Тjm (2):

  • Volt-ampere characteristics T153-630


  • Volt-ampere characteristics T153-800


  • Volt-ampere characteristics T153-1600


  • Volt-ampere characteristics T153-2000


Part Numbering Guide for Thyristors T153:

T 153 2000 8   7 4   UHL2
Т Thyristor low frequency.
153 Construction, series.
2000 Average current in open state IT(AV), Amp.
8 Voltage class URRM / 100   (Nominal voltage - 800 V).
7 Group of the critical rate of rise of off-state voltage (dUD/dt)cr:
Alpha-numeric coding Е2 А2 Т1
Digital coding 6 7 8
Value, V/µs 500 1000 1600
4 Group of turn-off time tq:
Alpha-numeric coding М2 Р2 А3
Digital coding 2 - 4
Value, V/µs 250 200 100
UHL2 Climatic version and placement category: UHL2 - for moderate and cold climate.

Recommended heat sink for tablet thyristors T153:

  • Thyristor & Heat sink
    Heatsink O153

    T153 + O153

  • Heatsink O253
    Heatsink O253

    Heatsink O253

youtubeVideo: Thyristors T153-630, T153-800, T153-1000

youtubeVideo: Thyristors T153-1600, T153-2000, T153-2500

Photo of tablet thyristors T153:

  • Thyristors T153-630


  • Thyristors T153-800


  • Thyristors T153-1000


  • Thyristors T153-1600


  • Thyristors T153-2000


  • Thyristors T153-2500


High Power Semiconductors by AS ENERGI

Our company is engaged in the manufacturer and sale of power semiconductors (power diodes, thyristors, triacs, power modules). You can buy thyristors from us in any volumes, and when ordering large lots, the price will be lower.
We have earned the trust of customers and cooperate with companies from neighboring countries.

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Installation recommendations for power thyristors:

Assembling disc thyristor with a heatsink

The reliability of heat transfer and electrical contact between the mating surfaces of the thyristor and the cooler over the entire temperature range is ensured by appropriate torque (clamping force).

Before assembly you should perform visual inspection (1) contact surfaces for mechanical damages and wipe (2), soaked with alcohol (toluene, gasoline, acetone).

After inspection, fix the current leads (petals), install a pin to fix the alignment of the structure.

To improve the parameters of heat transfer it is recommended to lubricate (3) a thin layer of silicone thermal conductive paste before the assembly, which is not a mandatory condition for installation.

Install the thyristor (3), the second part of the cooler, the fiberglass insulator and the thrust washer.

To thread the traverse (4) and evenly tighten the nuts. Make sure no misalignment and evenness of the contact surfaces.

When the parts are sufficiently clamped but moveable, we recommend placing the cooler on a flat surface and checking the tolerance for parallelism of the overall adjacent plane of the surfaces (5).

Clamp each nut in turn (about a quarter turn) to the stop (6). The amount of deflection of the crosshead determines whether the achieved clamping force corresponds to the required one.

After installation, the fasteners (nuts and washers) must be additionally secured against corrosion.

Tips and recommendations for power thyristors:

The power thyristors should not be operated for long periods of time at their limit load for all parameters. In this case, the safety factor is determined by the required degree of reliability of the device.

Replace a failed power thyristor with a thyristor that matches the parameters of the one being replaced.

Supercooling must be provided when operating in an environment with an elevated ambient temperature.

Periodic cleaning of power thyristors and coolers to remove dust and contaminants is recommended to ensure proper heat dissipation.

Inductive current dividers (often twisted toroidal wire) should be used to equalize currents between power thyristors connected in parallel. The most popular connection methods are closed circuit, common coil circuit, or power thyristor. The efficiency of current dividers in this case is determined by the cross section of the magnetic wire.

Prevention of voltage unbalance when power thyristors are connected in series is achieved by using shunt resistors connected in parallel with each thyristor. Voltage equalization in transient conditions is provided by connecting capacitors in parallel to each thyristor.

Device under voltage

It is strictly forbidden to touch power thyristors under high voltage during operation.

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