Ceramic Intalox Saddles

Ceramic Intalox Saddle Rings (Ceramic Saddles, Intalox Torus Ceramic Saddles, also named as Ceramic Saddle Ring) are one of the types of industrial packing.

They are made of electrotechnical ceramics and are used to fill the packed columns and other heat and mass transfer equipment with the invasive environment.

Ceramic Saddles Intalox are available to the order of sizes: 1" (25 mm), 1.5" (37 mm), 2" (50 mm), 3" (75 mm).

Intalox saddles relate to irregular acid-resistant packing. The surface of the Intalox saddle is part of the torus. Compared to Raschig rings, Intalox saddles with the same size of packed bodies have a 25% larger specific surface area and a slightly larger free volume. Saddle-backed packing has less hydraulic resistance and greater efficiency, than the Raschig rings.

PDFTechnical Data Sheet (TDS) Ceramic INTALOX Saddles

PDFMSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for Ceramic INTALOX Saddles

The Intalox saddles are well wetted and provide greater randomness of the packing without creating the preferred paths (channels) for the fluid to flow. They are highly resistant to thermal shock or chemical attack.

Intalox Torus Saddles made of acid resistant ceramic and used as filling in drying tower, intermediate absorber, final absorber of sulfuric acid regeneration unit.

Our company is engaged in the production and sale of ceramic packing, including Intalox ceramic saddles. All our products pass strict quality control and meet the necessary standards. Since we are the manufacturer, and in the price of the final product does not include dealer markups, we have low price saddle packing. Corresponding quality documents are provided. Ceramic Saddle Intalox are delivered in the manufacturer package. Detailed technical specifications, drawings and dimensions of Saddle Ceramic Intalox are listed below.

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Common Specifications of Ceramic Intalox Saddles:

Photo Nominal size Price / Ton Package density, kg/m3 Surface area, m2/m3 Free volume, %
Ceramic Saddles Intalox 1" 25mm 1" 25mm Intalox Saddles 1" (25mm) on request
590 250 73
Ceramic Saddles Intalox 1.5" 37mm 1.5" 37mm Intalox Saddles 1.5" (37mm) on request
580 164 75
Ceramic Saddles Intalox 2" 50mm 2" 50mm Intalox Saddles 2" (50mm) on request
550 115 76
Ceramic Saddles Intalox 3" 75mm 3" 75mm Intalox Saddles 3" (75mm) on request
520 92 78

Geometric properties of Ceramic Intalox Saddles:

Nominal size Number per m3 Approx. Weight Surface area Free volume, % Packing factor, l/ft
kg/m3 lb/ft3 m2/m3 ft2/ft3
1" 25mm 59000 590 37 250 76 73 90
1.5" 37mm 19680 580 36 164 50 75 52
2" 50mm 8240 550 34 115 35 76 40
3" 75mm 2400 520 32 92 28 78 22

Chemical composition of Ceramic Intalox Saddle:

SiO2 + Al2O3 SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO K2O + Na2O Other
> 92% > 76% > 17% < 1% < 1% < 0.5% < 3.5% < 1%

Physical properties of Ceramic Intalox Saddles:

Acid resistance >99.6%
Alkali resistance >85%
Water absorption <0.3%
Porosity <1%
Specific gravity 2.3–2.4 g/cm3
Moh's hardness >6.5 scale
Thermal conductivity 0.9-1.0 W/mK
Specific heat 850-900 J/kg℃
Thermal resistance, number of heat shifts >8
Maximum load on cylindrical saddles >150MPa
Maximum operating temperature 920–1100°C

Dimensions of Ceramic Intalox Saddles:

Nominal size Diameter of Deck D Height H=R Wall thickness T
1" 25mm 20 mm 20 mm 3 mm
1.5" 37mm 30 mm 27 mm 4 mm
2" 50mm 42 mm 36 mm 5 mm
3" 75mm 63 mm 54 mm 6 mm

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Ceramic Packing Saddles by AS ENERGI

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS) (pdf specification) for Ceramic INTALOX Saddles:

PDFDownload PDF for Ceramic INTALOX Saddles

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for Ceramic INTALOX Saddles:

PDFDownload MSDS (PDF) for Ceramic INTALOX Saddles

Application of Ceramic Saddles INTALOX


Ceramic Saddle INTALOX – these are half-rings curved by an arc, which belong to the type of irregular packing (Random Packing). That is, that they are randomly buried in the working chambers of the equipment and move freely during heat and mass transfer in closed containers.

Saddles do not concentrate in one place due to constantly moving fluid flows but contribute to uniform diffusion. They have high efficiency and low hydraulic resistance. Products are considered advanced filling material – they are used in the medical, chemical, food, oil-refining industries. They are used in the following equipment:

  • distillers (vacuum, under high pressure);
  • columns (distillation, stripping, drying);
  • absorbers (for example, in the production of sulfuric acid);
  • converters, extractors;
  • separators, rectifiers.

Advantages of Saddles INTALOX

Efficiency. When using ceramic packing, the productivity of technological processes increases to 25%. This is due to the special shape of the products, their smooth surface and the physics of heat transfer in the equipment itself.

Saddle-shaped packing have a large specific surface area, a larger free volume and have a relatively low hydraulic resistance.

Strength. The saddles withstand the load of 150 MPa and have acid resistance of 99%.

Ease of use. Ceramic saddles fall asleep in the working chambers, they no longer require attention.


The intensive movement of the packing together with the aggressive environment inside the equipment during technological processes reduce the risk of acid deposits on the surface of the products.

Wide scope of application. Packing saddles are used in almost all closed gas-liquid systems where diffusion, heat transfer and mass transfer processes occur.

Saddles INTALOX are manufactured with the following parameters: diameter 25 mm, 37 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, wall thickness 3–6 mm, and free volume 73–78%.

Ceramic Random Packing is a special product for using in aggressive environments (acid, alkali, gas mixture, etc.). Random Ceramic Packing or Column Ceramic packing is widely used in drying tower, absorbing tower and cooling tower in chemical, oil-refining, medical and other industries.

Our company is engaged in the production and sale of ceramic packing presented on this site. All our products pass strict quality control and meet the necessary standards. Since we are the manufacturer, and in the price of the final product does not include dealer markups, we have low price ceramic packing. Corresponding quality documents are provided.

Features and Application of Ceramic Packing

Ceramic Tower Packing Manufacturer

Ceramic Packing are made of special materials (ceramics, porcelain) that are highly resistant to thermal shocks and chemical attack. Due to this they operate in a wide temperature range (fire resistance up to 1710°C, sintering temperature - up to 1200°C).

In acid solutions, ceramic packing are used at temperatures from 0 to 120 degrees, in alkaline media - from 0 to 30 degrees. This allows their use in various chemical and thermal processes.

Ceramic Random Column Packing is highly suitable for the conditions of higher temperature and lower temperature and can be much more resistant to all kinds of organic acid, inorganic acid and solutions except for the hydrofluoric acid than metal packing.

Ceramic surface of ceramic packing can generate extremely thin film on its coarse surface, which can promote mixing of liquid and vapor and generate little pressure drop at the same time. The unique surface of ceramic packing could promote wetting and keep liquid hold-up to a minimum. So, chance for the system to be overheated, polymerize and coke could be minimized. These column ceramic packings typically find their application in processes requiring high temperature and chemical corrosion resistance.

Ceramic Random Packing is also known as random ceramic packing, ceramic column packing, ceramic random packings, ceramic random dump packing, packed tower packings, in the shape of saddles, rings and spheres.

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